Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's Time To Accessorize!!!

Good morning my fellow Elisabeth Bell Friends.... It's Lynda here today with a little bit of fun to share with you.
Like the title says, It's time to accessorize.  What a title that is too.... So fitting for what I've done.

My daughter who is just about 14 months old now has hair that seems to want to be in her eyes ALL the time.  I can't stand that, but I do not want to cut it either.  Little by little I've been picking up this type and that type of hair clips.  Her hair is just so thin and fine that it took several different types to see what would actually STAY in her hair the best....  So needless to say... What do I do with ALL those different hair accessories????

Well.....  You do this, Don't you?

I've used "Fairy Merrily" and she is PERFECT for such a project. Don't you think?
There are bigger pics, as well as a few extra pictures with details and information about what I used for this trinket box on my blog.
please feel to stop by.
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Linda Simpson said...

This is stunning Lynda, Fairy Merrily sure is perfect for this little project.

Linda xxx