Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sweetest Surprise!

Today it's me, Linda, here with you and I'd love to show you a card I made with one of my recent fav images.... Can you call them fav when there are so many you love?!?! Well, you can find this one called Sweetest Surprise and all of the others in  Elisabeth's digital gallery.

Isn't she the cutest?!? I just adore the butterfly on her toe!! And I tried but could not resist to color her up in ice cream pastels... I used my Copic Markers for coloring.... 

Here is a close up.... 

Thank you for hopping by!!! Speaking of hopping - you're not going to miss the hop this Friday are you!?!? Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen!!! 

Have  a fantastic Sunday!


Linda Simpson said...

Gorgeous as always.
Linda xxx

Shazza said...

beautiful colouring, love this card x

Jacqueline P said...

OK simply lovin this card!!!! I know your thinking which part right?? well let's start with subtle glitter all over borders and that slight little bit on ice cream! Not sure if you tore or just distressed the paper...regardless LOVE that look! Personally I always have an issue coloring jeans...I don't know why but they never actually have that look. Oh and I am a butterfly addict.. I am always looking for a way to sneak another one in. It took me a second then I realized you had just so subtly added some behind! How genius was that..oh and I will be remembering that little bit!!! It sometimes annoys me when people like they get you stuff with it on I try not to cram my love of butterflys down people HAHA but as I said..that is just a subtle, oh I'm here did you notice me??? LOVE it! OH did I mention the colors?? this is such a perfect card for the little tom boys out there!

Ok I have rambled enough!!
Jackie P