Friday, August 20, 2010

Up and Running!... uh, Ambling?

Hello Everyone!
Like it says, we are Up and Running!... And less than a few paces later, I am tripping and stopping to catch my breath lol! This blog is only in the very beginnings of the preparation stages, and I have no idea how to go about fixing certain things on it haha!... 


So, please be patient with the bumblings of my rather scrambled grasp on reality right now - sporting the inevitable "Mommy brain" where my house is mush and my brain is upside down - while I get this blog up properly. *plops down in exhaustion*

However, LOTS of exciting things are in store regarding the super cute "Elisabeth Bell" digi's and our brilliant new Design Team and Guest Designers! We have THE most creatively brilliant group of girls on our DT, and we're all excited to bring you fun and inspiring designs using the ever growing line of cute digi's straight from my digital gallery! PLUS the EB Digi DT will soon be working on the newest and yummiest September digi... Definitely more on that soon!

Hopefully we'll have more colour up on this blog soon as I do know that the EB Digi DT have been working hard on their own projects as well as on more EB digi's, woohoo!!

In the mean time, I am tackling a bajillion projects at once (yes, insane), one of which is to get a personal blog background up here. Fingers crossed that my Google rampages and Photoshopping abilities works out successfully! I have also asked for the very talented Lynda's help on this matter, so whatever changes you may see in the next little bit is probably due to her expertise!

More to details to come! In the mean time, have a fabulous evening! I'm off to put the kidlets to bed and do some more Photoshopping.

Big Hugs!



Kim said...

CONGRATS on your new venture Elisabeth! I can't wait to play along with the challenges! :)
Big Hugs~ Kim
(from SCACD)

Shazza said...

I jsut love your work Elisabeth and am very into digi at the moment so cannot wait to see more. Congrats to all your DT, lucky people x

Elisabeth Bell said...

Thanks, Kim and Shazza! Your love means a lot to me, and to all of us here on the DT. BIIIG HUGS to you!


Unknown said...

Yeahhhh! I have the upmost confidence that this will be one of the best blogs ever!! HugZ xoxo