Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Carousel Dream

I am making this a Wednesday card by the skin of my teeth! I tell ya this day went flying by so fast my head is still spinning! That is why I decided to use Carousel Dreams! I figure carousels go round and round too just like I did all day long!  CD is one of the stamps in  Edition 5 Collection made exclusively for Susanna Custom Arts and Card Designs. The carousel is one of my favorite rides at the amusement parks! Honest! My kids used to walk me in the other direction so I wouldn't see them...ya know why don't ya? Because I would make them ride it with me!
 All the details can be found on my personal blog.
Have a great day! Hugzzz Colleen


Elisabeth Bell said...

Beautiful, Colleen!! Love all the decorations on your card too!


Patricia St Martin said...

Your embellishmnets and the 3D look is outstanding and your colors. I running out of words