Friday, September 3, 2010

September Digi Sneaky Peek and Give Away!

Congratulations Cheribella! 
You win this September Digi
which you will receive this Friday night!

*Update: The next Sneaky Peek will be on Monday September 6th at noon Arizona time - I forgot that TOMORROW is Saturday LOL! And to turn up the excitement, there will be 3 Winners - one winner per Sneaky Peek! In the mean time, I seriously need a clone to help me remember my days... and everything else in them haha.

Hello Everyone!

LOL! I thought I had set everything up and scheduled this post correctly for noon today, but it is plain to see that I still need to learn a LOT more about blogger!! *slaps forehead*

Anyhoo, today would have been our new monthly digi release, but due to my hectic schedule last month, we have pushed the release back to Friday, September 10th at 7pm, Arizona time.

In the mean time, we get to have an exciting Sneaky Peek of September's Digi... And here it is:

Sneaky Peek #1


Hmm. What could it be? *taps finger on chin*

And here's the fun part! You get 3 chances to win this fabulous NEW September digi! The first person who provides the closest answer to each Sneaky Peek question is a winner!

That's right, this means there will be 3 lucky winners!!

So, let's get to the fun!

Sneaky Peek #1 Question: What do you think this digi' is? 

Leave your answer below this post and mention this Give Away on your blog, linking back to this post.

The first most correct answer per Sneaky Peek will win this digi'. Simple! The winner of this First Sneaky Peek will be announced at the top of this blog on *Monday September 6th at noon Arizona time. 

There will be a new Sneaky Peek of this scrummy digi on Monday and Thursday at noon, Arizona time, each with a new Sneaky Peek question. AND 2 more chances to win! Followed by the exciting reveal and release on Friday September 10th at 7pm! So there will be a whole week of fun! Woohoooo!!

Get your answers in, and remember to check back *Monday at noon for the next smidgen reveal of September's newest digi'. Until then, you have two more days to make your guesses.

The fabulous girls on our Digi Bells DT and GDT all have this sweet little digi' in their hot, crafty hands and are hard at work preparing some gorgeous designs for you to enjoy! So be sure to visit their blogs, and to join us here, on Friday, September 10th at 7pm for the EXCITING official reveal and release!

Enjoy and Good luck to You!

xx Elisabeth


Mae said...

Well I must have football on the brain but I am seeing the face mask portion of a football helmet. I am not sure how the bear, purse and possible fish are a part of this so I am still confused.

Unknown said...

Hmmm...looks like a day at the beach :)

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Now see, I'm thinking a shopping cart with the purse and all! So lots of guesses!

Randi WS said...

Hmm.... I thought maybe it could be a mermaid there... a purse and a teddybear... *think think* Could it be a child's playroom?

angelique (anlou) said...

a mermaid holding the purse?
the teddybear is ryding a bike?
and a basket with more animals in it?, i have no idea
this is a though one
it look gorgeous
hugs angelique

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it's a little girl's bedroom :o)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a girls day a the beach with a mermaid in one of those play shopping carts. She's probably carrying her purse and it looks like the teddy bear has a surfboard or is riding a scooter...something like that(:

Angel said...

My Guess its a mermaid sitting in on something maybe a fishnet or basket or some type of wagon holding her purse and the bear is pulling her with his bike or

Sandie said...

What I saw is a mermaid and a basket of some kind, then I read the comments and see that everyone else is thinking the same, lol. We're either all right or all wrong :)

ThePurplePlace said...

I see a cute little bear and some type of tropical leaves, along with a purse and some cherries...maybe a fish too!

You have me stumped, but I think it looks like FUN and I'll be looking forward to the reveal!


Jackie said...

Fish in a shopping trolley/basket, maybe teddy a toy as well.. to be bought at cashout? who knows lol.... loads of fun though and cant wait to see what it really is. x

Maria said...

I'm thinking shopping for Christmas. Can't wait for the reveal. Hugs, Maria

Jacilynn said...

My guess is a shopping cart. but looks like there is a fish too??? LOL

Debbie said...

Looking in a toy store window?

JessicaK said...

Hmmm, there's a lot of stuff there, I'm thinking maybe a yard sale/garage sale? (to make room for more stuff :D)

jo said...

i'm guess its a girl or buy on a bike going back to school ?
then i could be wrong lol

Trina said...

Oh my goodness, this is so hard. I see leaves, a fish, a bear and a scooter.
It also looks like the bear is pulling something, maybe a train of some kind.
It looks very cute....can't wait to see more!!

Lorraine said...

this is so much fun could it be a trip shopping at a toy store xx

Abhishek Duggal said...

A picnic in the woods.

forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

Janelle said...

I think this looks like a toy store or the corner of a childs room. I can't wait to see the full image!

*Alison* said...

I think it looks like a mermaid sitting in a chair of some sort with the purse hanging on the side.. :) hugs