Monday, October 4, 2010

Exciting October's Digi Sneaky Peek #1!

Congratulations to, Sandy, our winner for this Sneaky Peek! (I thought I would post sooner as we are experiencing a light storm and it would be dreadful if the power went out and I couldn't post the winners name!:)

Hello Hello!

Happy October and crisp, cool weather to you all (at least for those of us who live in the Temperate Zones of the world:)!

It is that time again for Sneaky Peeks of my next, and latest, digi'. And this one is even CUTER than last month's digi!

Today through to Thursday, I will be featuring a different sneaky peek here of October's Digi'. The fabulous Digi Bells DT and GDT will also post the sneaky peek for each day on their blogs so you won't miss anything. You can find their names and their blog links on the side bar. These gals are seriously amazingly talented!

And here it is...


And yup, there will be a blog candy give away every day between today and Thursday for each Sneaky Peek! So if you thought there was a lot of candy flying about, well, get ready for MORE haha! :) 

For the chance to win today's Sneaky Peek candy - which is this NEW digi' designed by Yours Truly, or one of your choice from my digital gallery - all you need to do is answer the following question:

Q. What do you think you see, and which season do you think this digi is set in?

Leave your answer below this post, and link this post and candy back to your blog. And that's it!

The first, most correct answer will be the winner. I will post the winner's name on top of this blog post tomorrow at 7pm, Arizona time, followed by our second Sneaky Peek.

Good luck to each of you!

Big Hugs!



vicmbee said...

I see a christmas tree and present

Trickut said...

A gift so christmas season?

Jodi said...

Well, I see a Christmas tree with at least 2 ornaments ;), and what looks like two presents. Not quite sure what is behind the 2nd present though, maybe a puppy dog? And as for season.....Christmas.

Paula (PEP) said...

A chrimstmas tree in front of which is a lady in evening dress & in front of her is a parcel. Season is Christmas.
Paula (PEP)

Christine said...

It's a Christmas tree and a box ready to be mailed!!! I'm think there is a cute little boy dressed link a mailman in there that is carrying the present!!

The season is definately Christmas!!!

Can't wait to see it!

Jackie said...

I go along with Christmas too... x

Olga said...

Christmas season! Christmas tree, boxes with gifts, and their children make out

Maria Therese said...

It's a yummi christmas present held by a girl :)

~Jeri~ said...

I see a christmas present being ready to ship at Christmas Time!

Sandy said...

I would think with the 2 circles and the ripple waves that it's a Christmas tree in the back and a wrapped package with the tape on it. So Christmas season?

Iris Wiechmann said...

Oh I think it is definitely Christmas season and I see a Christmas tree, a present and a little girl sitting maybe in front of the tree next to the present.


Kristie W. said...

I see a gift and a Christmas tree! Looking forward to the full reveal :)


I see a christmas tree and present's so it must be Christmas Time,
Hugs Dianne xx

angelique (anlou) said...

the season is christmas/winter
i see a christmas tree with ball's a packet ready to unrap by a little girl
hugs angelique

Lelia Pierce said...

I think it's someone wrapping a gift in front of the tree...for Christmas!