Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hi, Wendy here with you today!!

I was inspired to use Bell Horses - Li'l Cowboy after almost being run over by my three year old son last week as he was running through the house pretending to be riding a horse.  LOL  :)  At least he did yell over his shoulder, "oops 'cuse me Mommy" while riding away.  So how could I be upset about that?!?!   I also heard lots of shouts of "Giddy up par'ner" and "Hee Yaw" too!!  I just adore watching and listening to my children play, it's my favorite thing about being able to stay home with them.

This is such a sweet image and is perfect for those occasions when you may need to make a card for a handsome little boy...or a handsome hubby too.  :)

More detail can be found on my blog HERE.

Much Love,


Gabbi said...

How sweet, I sure do miss those days of them being little. Mine are now 19 and 12 and I miss it. Enjoy them.

kaos said...

So cute! Don't have little ones of my own - but I am sure it's a great thing!


Anonymous said...

Such a fun masculine style card!! Adore the layout, the fun colors and what a gorgeous layout!! HUGS

Lynda Nielsen said...

OHHHHHH Wendy.... MY OH MY... What a handsome little guy! I just adore your coloring! =) Beautiful - absolutely Beautiful!