Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rachel, Little Angel.....AGAIN!

Hiya Peeps!

How is the weather in the rest of the world?  Let me tell you, I am dying of cold here in what is supposed to be Sunny South Africa.  As winter is in full swing here, things are freezing up!  I always thought that I am definetely a winter person, but I am reconsidering that!  I am always cold, and I hate that.  I have been walking around the past 2 weeks looking like an eskimo.  It's so frustrating! 

Well!  It's the start of the weekend and I hope you all have a super crafty one!  Today I am going to spend the day making some CAS card.  I made 2 last night in like 30 minutes, so I figured I could really make a lot in 1 day!  

Onto my card.  I used sweet Rachel, Little Angel...Again!  I saw a video of someone coloring her on youtube a while back, and since then really craved this little darling.  I have some 20 colored Rachel's already.  I figured, if I colored her a lot, I'll get her out of my system.  I'm yet to get there....

Thank you all for looking.  Please remember to head on over do our challenge blog : and enter our Easle card challenge!


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Janneke said...

What a great card Wendy ;o)