Monday, January 14, 2013

Remembering When.....

Hi everyone, Lynda here, I have a sweet card to share with all of you today, one that I created for my sons 18th birthday... That's right, he's getting a cute card with an absolutely ADORABLE little boy on it for his 18th birthday!  Well hey, I'm his mom, I think I can get away with it....  But it's more than that.... This sweet Digi called "Toot Toot" found only in Elisabeth Bell's Digital Collection, has a ton of meaning to me, and will most likely bring back some fun childhood memories for my son. 

When he was little, he was obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine!!!  I swear everything he did involved these little trains with peoples names... They were very much a big part of his every day living.  So I thought for his 18th Birthday coming up in about a month, that this would be the perfect card for me to give to him....

I think that Elisabeth Bell had to have taken a glimse into my memories when she designed this adorable little guy!  That looks JUST LIKE my son, back in the day!!!  =)
This card was a fun one, I'm not sure if you can tell, but I've made it a 3D card... You can find more details, and photos by visiting my blog HERE.
Thanks so much for visiting the Digi Bells today! =)