Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Sledding... a tiny bit precious to me....

It's Lynda here, with a little more festive fun to share....
Two fun projects from years gone by....

This adorable and fun image is from
Elisabeth Bell's Digital Collection,
and it is called "Merry Sledding"

Do you want to know a secret????
I have the dish, the scoop, the history... on this stamp!!!
Yes, I really do!!!

My mother once had an antique sled, that she used for my 2 oldest sisters.  When I was just a child, my mother had this sled refinished, and then she used to have it set up on display in our house.
Over the years, I'd forgotten about that sleigh, and then one day thought about how adorable an image would be on a classic sled like that... I started to describe it to Lissybee.
I had no picture of this old sled, simply because I couldn't remember what ever happened to it.
That year, (2010) on Thanksgiving, I was talking to my oldest sister on the phone, and do you know what she told me?  She said, "I have that sled, do you want me to take a picture?" ---- YES YES YES.....

So here we go.... The Inspiration behind the "Merry Sledding" design.

Once Lissybee released her, she decided against having her in the Digital Collection, because she was too closely related to the "Newly released Snow Baby Collection" from Belles 'n Whistles.  My thoughts were, "Ohhh noooo, Now what?"  I needed to speak to my dear friend Summer from Belles 'n Whistles, and see if she would adopt this cutie into her Snowbaby Collection.
As luck would have it - SHE DID...

"Merry Sledding" was added to Belles 'n Whistles Snow Babies Collection, and then released as a beautiful clear polymer stamp.
and now..... She's back in Elisabeth Bell's Digital Collection.

6 Years ago, this was the first card I ever created using this darling Stamp.

But I have more to share using this sweet little doll.
An ornament I made that same year for our DT ornament gift exchange.

THAT was a fun but time consuming project.
I keep saying I will make one for myself, but still have not done it.

The very same year, I also made a gift tin for none other than Elisabeth Bell herself....
I hated to part with it, but I knew it would be going to a very good home... and what I had put inside would surely put a smile on Lissybee's face.  (Her favorite candies)

and then of course photos all the way around,
using several different Elisabeth Bell Designs.

This was definitely a TON of FUN to work on,
and even more fun to be able to give it to Elisabeth.
My question to you is... Do any of you do altered tins?
I feel like it's a dying art these days.

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