Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blog Hop Winners

Greetings everyone....  
Stopping in real quick with the Blog Hop Winners announcement.... 
...and wow!! I can't believe it.... the blog hop is over already....  Everyone must have been busy this past week.  Not many people joined us... and from what I could tell, only TWO people finished the blog hop all the way through....  Soooooo, guess what that means?
"Belle with Laundry" will go to those two people.  I didn't even need to use a random generator to find out who won....  


This cutie is coming to your inbox soon!

Please contact me and I will get her sent right out to you!

Congrats again girls!  

1 comment:

Linda Simpson said...

Congratulations to Conny too. Doing a happy dance.
Linda xxx