Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dotty Background Tutorial

Hello All. Hope you are enjoying the weekend. We are are as we have some lovely weather here in the UK at the moment.

Thanks to the wonderful sunshine I haven’t been in the craft room for a couple of days so I have something a little different to show you today. I love sitting outside with the children colouring in and watching them play so I have a lot of images coloured ready for making into cards and I thought I would share how I do a dotty sky background.

Here is a finished image (Sweetest Surprises) with this technique, I think the dotty background gives a whimsical look:

Sweet Surprises (1)

I was so engrossed in my colouring I forget to take pictures of each step on the above image. So what better excuse than to colour up another cutie, the following uses Little Friends.

Little Friends (1)Little Friends (2)Little Friends (3)Little Friends (4)Little Friends (5)Little Friends (6)Little Friends (7)Little Friends (8)Little Friends (9)

  1. I use Copics and I start with my darkest marker B24 I apply random dots all around the outline of the image. I place the dots closer together next to the image and space them apart as they get further from the image. I also press a little harder closer to the image to create slightly larger dots.
  2. I repeat with my next darkest marker B23 this time taking the dot’s further into the white area. And then repeat again with B91 and B00.
  3. I decide on where my sunshine will be coming from (on this image upper left) and using the same process as above have placed yellow dots using Y02 and Y00.
  4. Last thing on the sky is to take your lightest blue marker B0000 and lightly stroke upwards to soften the dots. Repeat with your lightest yellow Y0000 stroking the colour downwards from the top right corner.

I have also added some grass and flowers but this post is already a little long so will show you that another time!

The finished image already to be made into a card:

Little Friends (13)

You’ll probably notice I haven’t coloured the main image yet. I like to leave it until after I have picked DP and then I know what colours will look best.

Hope this has been of help to some of you.

Thanks for reading



Linda Simpson said...

This is stunning and thank you for sharing this step by step.
Linda xxx

Lynda Nielsen said...

beautiful Lisa :)