Thursday, May 5, 2016

CONGRATULATIONS to our Newest GDT girls......

Finally.... the announcement that I know some of you have been waiting for... But, first I have to do a big shout out THANK YOU to the lovely ladies that has been our guests for the past three months! Anet and Shannah.... You ladies have been amazing and your work completely outstanding!! Wow!! We have been really blessed and grateful to have you girlies join us!!!
We are also so grateful that Anet has agreed to join our team permanently. Hurray!!!
Soooo, a great big THANK YOU to those two girls!!
Now..... who will be joining us for the month of May, June, and July???
If you did not make it this time, there is no need to feel bad as there will be another GDT Call at the end of July. So a difficult choice is made... Presenting the new GDT's


Welcome ladies!
We are looking forward to working with you. 
Please email Linda at pysselbus [at] gmail dot com and she will get you all set up and settled.


Anet's Crafting said...

Congratulations Dreja and Jennifer :). Anet x

Jennifer Scull said...

oh my gosh, I almost spilled my coffee reading this!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!! will send out an email straight away!

gosh, I can't type I'm so happy..... thank you very very much! :) congrats to Dreja, too! :)

what a most amazing way to start my weekend! :)

Linda Simpson said...

Congratulations ladies, enjoy, you will have a wonderful time.
Linda xxx

Dreja said...

Hurra! Ich freu mich total! :D
Viele Grüße Dreja

Crafting Belle said...

Congratulations ladies, glad to have you joining us :-)

Dreja said...

Did you get my mail?

Dreja said...

If the 2nd mail now arrived, Linda?

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