Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hello there,
I thought that I would give a formal introduction and tell you a little bit about me and my love for Elisabeth Bell designs.  First and foremost though, I just have to tell you all how VERY TRULY HONORED I am to have been chosen to be on this Digital DT.
My name is Lynda Nielsen, and have been stamping for approximately 2.5 years now.  If you only knew how it all started, LOL  *WARNING* WARNING* (This post could get long winded)  LOL
I work as a Teachers Assistant in a School for Special Needs children,  at the time I was working with twin boys in Kindergarten, both of which were blind.  Since kindergarten students are always coloring, and making projects it was a normal thing for me to help make these projects with these two boys.  This was something that they really couldn't do themselves since they couldn't see.  I just loved these little guys, and would often times color their projects, or put their projects together, so that they could bring home their completed things just like other kids in the class were doing.   A co-worker in the classroom had decided that I was FULLY ENJOYING all of my coloring etc, and thought I would have fun with a scrapbook.  For Christmas that year she got me my very first scrapbook.... It was a matter of 2 or 3 months and I started card making.  I shutter every time I look back at some of those cards!  LOL

I got myself into the blogging world after collecting some rubber stamps, Stampin' Up just wasn't cutting it for me, I wanted these adorable little people on my cards....  Starting out with some Magnolia stamps, I soon found Whiff Of Joy,  and joined in on one of their Christmas Advent Calendar Giveaways.  I won, and I ended up with my VERY FIRST Elisabeth Bell designed rubber stamps.  Ohhhh I was in heaven!!!  Now try not to laugh too hard.... Remember I told you that I shutter to look back at those old cards, but here is the card I made way back when with that very first Whiff of Joy stamp. 
I kept working at it, I kept playing along in challenges, and getting ideas along the way.  About a year ago, I was chosen to be on the design team for Belles 'n Whistles. A brand new company, a subdivision of Roses on Paper.  I LOVED Roses on Paper, and I had come to know and love Summer and her RoP DT girls.  So imagine how high I was flying when I made the brand new company's DT.  Well guess what?  Who do you think designs for Belles 'n Whistles?  None other than Elisabeth Bell herself!  =)
Here are a couple of cards I made in 2009 using stamps from Belles 'n Whistles
I could go on and on, but those are just a few of my favorites from last year....  I could show you favorites from this year, but rather than do that, I thought I would continue on, since I am already writing a book here!  LOL
When Elisabeth decided to create her own digi images, she recruited the DT from Belles 'n Whistles to create something so she had some examples to show with her new Digi images.  So for each release, we got to make something to send to Elisabeth with her new design.  What an honor that was to work with those images.

When I saw that Elisabeth was having a DT Call, there was no question about it, I JUST HAD to give it a try....  I was on cloud nine when I saw my name there as a chosen designer.  I have been SOOOO LUCKY to have already had the chance to work with her designs, and now I'm working with them some more.  Being part of the Belles 'n Whistles DT and now Elisabeth Bells Digi DT has been a dream come true for me.  I believe I've come a long way since coloring kindergarten projects, and definitely from the looks of the first card that I showed here, OH MY.....  LOL

Needless to say, I tend to be a bit chatty when I post, I try not to, but it never works out in my favor.  My posts often times look like another chapter in a book.  But hey, at least it's a picture book, right? 

If you've come this far, and read all of this jibber-jabber, I want to thank you for sticking with me through it...  I'm looking forward to all the new and exciting things to come here on this brand new blog and joining Elisabeth in her journey into the Digi world.  =)



Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS Lynda! :)

Pati said...

Hi Lynda

Thank you for your lovely and exciting story. Ohhh, you have such a funny way to write. It always cheers me up to read your postings. The creations you showed are adorable.

BIG hugs and have a wonderful weekend!

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Lynda I have so enjoyed reading your story which will be an inspiration to many crafters it is wonderful to share your joy I look forward to seeing the new things to come.
Lorraine x

Jodi said...

Lynda these are gorgeous cards!! I know what you mean about creating over the years... I've just did the whole reminiscing thing with my cards and boy have things changed! How nice that you shared your story too!!

angelique (anlou) said...

what an gorgeous creations you've made hun, i love them all
i'm so good yet, it will be someday
love your story
yesterday i had by my first EB stamp
hugs angelique

XxJULESxX said...

Hi I enjoyed reading your story! i love all your projects too! just gorgeous.

Elisabeth Bell said...

STUNNING!! Lynda, you are just AMAYzing!!


Lilian said...

Way to go Lynda! Your cards are awesome! Thanks for sharing your story too :) Happy Sunday!

Katie said...

You're not just chatty when you post, you're always chatty!!
Great job - beautiful cards! Just think of how much those boys did for you!!!

Shazza said...

beautiful work Lynda x

Unknown said...

I KWYM! Love your story and I went down memory lane yesterday and was shuttering also! Love your creativity and coloring! Awesome cards even in the very beginning! HugZ